If You Dine Out In Stockbridge GA Try One Of These Three Restaurants

If you are wondering where Stockbridge GA is located, you don’t have to look far from Atlanta at all. In fact, Stockbridge is actually part of the Atlanta Metro area. I have reviewed restaurants in this city before. I want to look at the rankings and see which of three of the top restaurants I am going to show you this time. Stick around because it is going to be interesting to see what I come up with when it comes to the best restaurants in Stockbridge, Georgia.

Tavas Pizza is going to be the first pick, and it can be found on Highway 20 SE. When you look at the pictures of the pizza this place serves, you will call Tavas Pizza the place to go in Stockbridge. This establishment also serves up lasagna, Greek salads, gyros and much more. To me, this is definitely one of the top three restaurants in Stockbridge GA.

I’m going with Mamie’s Kitchen Biscuits for my second pick. Doesn’t this sound like the absolute best breakfast spot? Well, it is also good for lunch, making it a great brunch spot. One reviewer said that it is southern cooking at its finest. It is fun looking at the menu highlights, but it is even better looking at the pictures.

On to the third pick, and I am going with another southern cooking favorite, Sarah’s Country Cooking. Sarah’s Country Cooking is located on Eagles Landing Parkway, and it shows a buffet or cafeteria style setup in the pictures. This is a lunch spot, and it is said to not only serve up fried chicken and other great foods but also cakes and cobblers. So what do you think? Did I pick out three of the best Stockbridge GA restaurants or what? I think all three sound delicious.