Stockbridge de-annexation, pro-Eagle’s Landing bill heads to governor

Areas shaded in red indicate the areas currently in the city limits of Stockbridge that are included in the city of Eagle’s Landing proposal. The pink and red areas show the proposed city of Eagle’s Landing, while the light green areas show what would be remaining in the city of Stockbridge if the proposal is approved. (Special Photo)

ATLANTA— A bill that de-annexes approximately 9,000 residents from the city of Stockbridge to include in the proposed city of Eagle’s Landing has now been approved in both the Georgia House and Senate.

After having been approved in the Senate weeks earlier, the House approved the bill, Senate Bill 262, Monday morning in a 95-58 vote.

SB 262, upon approval of the city of Eagle’s Landing through referendum, would de-annex more than 9,000 residents from the city of Stockbridge to include in the new city. The bill allows for a voter referendum to annex approximately 3,500 other residents — mostly along the western end of Ga. Highway 138 — into Stockbridge, though it does not give the same opportunity to the properties proposed for de-annexation.

SB 263 has not yet made its way out of the House Governmental Affairs committee for vote on the House floor. It calls for a voter referendum to charter the city of Eagle’s Landing, allowing the approximately 17,000 residents proposed in the new city to vote.

The city of Stockbridge will hold a press conference tomorrow at 9 a.m. in regards to the Eagle’s Landing bills. The conference will be held in City Council chambers of the Stockbridge City Hall, 4640 N. Henry Blvd.

The Eagle’s Landing proposal, if approved, would be the first city in Georgia to be created by splitting from an existing city, a move Stockbridge officials say would have devastating financial effects on the city’s operations and remaining residents.

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