Students Best Henry County Officers in Stockbridge Exhibition Basketball Game

Henry County public safety officers watch from the sidelines as Henry senior basketball players put up a shot during the Stockbridge Unity in the Community exhibition basketball game Friday. (Staff Photo: Chelsea Prince)

STOCKBRIDGE — Try as they might, Henry County public safety officers just couldn’t match the speed, agility and skill of the county’s most talented senior basketball players Friday night.

The two teams went head-to-head in an exhibition basketball game at Stockbridge High School Friday as part of Stockbridge’s Georgia Cities Week celebration. The officers trailed the seniors from Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy and Stockbridge, Eagle’s Landing, Union Grove and Dutchtown high schools for most of the game.

Perhaps it was the students’ more recent competitive experience, or maybe it was the foot of height each senior player had on their opponents that gave them the edge. One thing’s for certain, the public safety team, comprised of officers of all ages from the county’s law enforcement agencies, wasn’t holding back.

In the end, after four rousing quarters of hard-driving basketball, the senior players held their lead, taking the 73 to 61 victory.

Robinson thanked the crowd, officers, students and their families for their participation, noting that community is strengthened by willingness to come together and forge relationships.